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Our Emblem

The CCBOA, Inc. emblem embodies the essence of the organization.  The eagle represents strength as does its role in the history of our great nation. It oversees all races, colors, creeds, religion and other categories of citizens in the United States.  The feathers are specific.  Note the four feathers protruding from each side.  They represent in total the founding members (8) of the CCBOA, Inc.  The three tail feathers symbolize the reach of the CCBOA, Inc. as it covers the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia as does the jurisdiction of the Charles County Sheriff's office  The eagle faces westward to symbolize perpetuating growth and expansion.  The colors are representative of the Maryland State Flag in all colors and shades.  Finally the black border represents the bond of the organization. Combined and separated they can be attached the past, present and future of the CCBOA, Inc.

The History Of CCBOA     


Professionalism Above All!Sgt. Augustus Proctor, Cpl. Calvin Roberts, Det. Ralph Peters, Det. Rochelle Williams, Saw the need for better relationship between Law Enforcement and the Communities in which they work and live.  We decided to see if there were other officers within the Charles County Sheriff’s Office that would be interested in establishing a Charles County Black Officers Association.  Det. Javon Johnson, Det. Reginald Forbes, Pfc. Douglas Chandler, Pfc. Jeffery Dewberry were also interested and were of the first to sign up as active members establishing the eight founding members of the organization. 


Professionalism Above All!

The Latin Phrase "Phasellus Super Omnia" is our motto and it means Professionalism Above All.  We truly believe that we are chartered to set the example.  Professionalism in all we do is our mantra.  Our members are devoted to the professionalism and integrity expected by all Charles County Sheriffs and we hold our honorary and secondary members to the same standard.  We realize that policing is hard and we are dedicated to maintaining a standard.  This organization stretches that standard to the no-profit world. 
We challenge our members to upholding the honor and trust emboldened in our commitment to excellence.  We also charge the community to make sure we're upholding these standards at all time.  Feel free to contact us using our contact us link on this site for inquires concerning the actions of our members at anytime.

The Charles County Black Officers Association is designated as a tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501 (c) (3).
CCBOA, Inc. copyright 2015. 2702 Adelphi Lane, Bryans Road, Maryland 20616